Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, was formed in 2013 through a partnership between Ben Jenkins of Dering Capital (and formerly of The Blackstone Group) and Marc Ganzi (former founder and CEO of Global Tower Partners).  Digital Bridge owns interest in a broad range of communications infrastructure companies. It is dedicated to long-term value creation through the active management of its companies and strong alignment with its investor partners, which include leading institutions, corporations, endowments and family offices around the world.

An innovator in the communications infrastructure sector, Digital Bridge is a leader in acquisition, funding, and management. Infrastructure sectors include cellular and broadcasting towers, rooftop antenna management and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Digital Bridge has a singular focus on owning and operating strong recurring cash flow communications infrastructure companies.  - Marc Ganzi, CEO

Dering Capital Long-Term Value Creation. 

Founded in 2011 by Ben Jenkins, former Senior Managing Director and head of the Hong Kong office for Blackstone, Dering Capital is a true merchant bank dedicated to long-term value creation through active management of associated companies and a strong alignment with investors.  Dering Capital seeks opportunities to acquire or create businesses that can sustainably generate attractive returns on capital.  We make a significant principal investment in each transaction and look to partner with leading global capital allocators such as sovereign wealth funds, pension systems, foundations, endowments and family offices.  Without time pressure, misaligned incentives and high-cost structure of a traditional fund, Dering Capital investments are able to compound their value in an efficient and powerful manner.

Global Tower Partners Fast, Friendly, Flexible.

GTP was founded in 2002 and began operations in 2003.  Marc Ganzi was the sole Founder and Chief Executive Officer until the company was sold to American Tower in October 2013.  His background and success as the leader of GTP demonstrated his success as an entrepreneur and business operator. Mr. Ganzi was educated at Wharton and is the son of an entrepreneur who still leads a nationally known company.  He brought his experience as the Founder and President of Apex Site Management, a company that leased rooftop space to telecom carriers and was later sold to SpectraSite.  As a consulting partner at Deutsche Bank, Mr. Ganzi was tasked with assisting and overseeing the institution's investments in the radio tower sector in Latin and North America. He was also the Co-Founder of Eureka Broadband Corporation, a leading provider of high-speed data and telephony to major office buildings in the United States.