October 1, 2019 –Vesa Tykkyläinen has been appointed CEO of Digita Oy. Tykkyläinen has more than 30 years of international experience in the technology and service sectors. During his career, he has worked abroad for more than 10 years, including in China, Italy and Germany.

Tykkyläinen served as CEO of Basware Corporation from 2016 to 2019. Listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Basware is one of the world’s leading providers of networked purchase-to-pay solutions and services. Prior to joining Basware, Vesa Tykkyläinen held a number of executive positions at Nokia Corporation for 30 years.

“Digita owns and operates the premier, nationwide digital terrestrial television and radio network in Finland and is the largest independent owner of telecom towers in the country, with a strategy to grow as a provider of versatile digital infrastructure and services. I am pleased to have the opportunity to lead this company and its experienced and capable management team at the next stage of implementing Digita’s strategy” says Vesa Tykkyläinen.

“I would like to thank Markus Ala-Hautala, Digita’s Chief Operating Officer, for his great leadership during the transitional period, and warmly welcome Vesa Tykkyläinen to Digita. He has extensive and diverse experience in a wide range of demanding and responsible roles and varied operating environments. This experience, combined with Tykkyläinen’s deep understanding of technology, provides him with excellent qualifications to develop Digita, together with experienced personnel, into a major operator in the increasingly diverse electronic communications”, adds Arne Wessberg, Chairman of Digita’s Board of Directors.

Digita owns and operates the premier, nationwide terrestrial television and radio network in Finland and is the largest independent owner of telecom towers in the country. The company is a provider of digital infrastructure and services. Digita’s services include telecom towers, data centre and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions as well as future broadcasting services. Services are provided to the country’s largest mobile network operators, Internet and media companies, utilities and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 industry professionals nationwide. www.digita.fi, www.digitamahdollistaa.fi